Governance Structure

APTCS was registered as a Company in July 2020 and registered with the Charities regulatory Authority in September 2020. Its “parent body” is the Catholic Education Partnership and the Association works closely with the Secretariat of Secondary Schools (JMB) in supporting governance, leadership and management of Catholic Schools.



Public Compliance Statement – November 2021

APTCS is a company limited by guarantee, registered in the Companies Office. It is also a registered charity with the Charity Regulatory Authority. The Company was established in December 2020 and has submitted its first filing to the CRA. It is currently addressing the required compliance issues under the Code of Governance for charitable organisations.

The first financial audit is planned for January 2022, on completion of the Company’s first year of operation. A Finance Committee and an Audit and Risk Committee have been established to ensure that internal and external practices are in line with regulations and good practice.

The voluntary Board of Directors was appointed in November 2020 and meets regularly to oversee the work of the organisation. The Board includes expertise from a variety of relevant areas, including theology, catechesis, ethos, education, finance and property.

A Strategic Plan is currently being prepared.

Catholic Education Bodies

IEC – Irish Episcopal Conference

AMRI – Association of Leaders of Missionaries and Religious of Ireland (formerly CORI)

Trusts – Civil Companies which have been created by Religious Orders to maintain their work into the future

PJP – Public Juridic Person = Entity which is linked to the IEC under Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church

PJP Trusts – CEIST, ERST, Le Chéile and PBST

CEST – Catholic Education Services Trust (4 IEC + 2 AMRI) – Trustees of Trust Fund.  The Trust was created by IEC and AMRI to fund a Catholic Education Service in the Republic of Ireland.     The Trust funded the Catholic Schools Partnership (CSP) from 2009 – 2020.  The Trustees are the legal members of the Catholic Education Partnership (CEP CLG) which is now replacing the CSP.

CESC – Catholic Education Services Committee (6 IEC + 6 AMRI). The CESC created the CSP has been working in recent years to create the new structures for Catholic Education.    Since 2019, the membership of CESC has been changed to 6 IEC + 4 AMRI + 2 PJP Trusts + 1 Catholic Third level College

CEP – Catholic Education Partnership.    Operational arm of CESC and CEST.  Co-ordination of and lead voice for Catholic Education and legal member for SSS, APTCS and eventually CPSMA (see below)

SSS CLG – Secondary Schools Secretariat, with two divisions AMCSS and JMB.   The CLG replaces the Secretariat of Secondary Schools

APTCS CLG – Association of Patrons and Trustees of Catholic Schools.     The CLG replaces the Association of Trustees of Catholic Schools (ATCS)

CPSMA CLG – This is proposed as the equivalent of the SSS at primary level to replace the current Catholic Primary Schools Management Association (CPSMA)