Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values

Our Mission is the advancement of Catholic education through promoting best operational practice in the exercise of Trusteeship and Patronage of schools.


To achieve our mission, we will:

  1. Represent, enable and support the work of Patrons and Trustees of Catholic Schools including governance, compliance, ethos, property and financial matters.
  2. Provide high-level engagement with educational partners including the State, the Department of Education, School Leadership Bodies, other patronage bodies with whom relevant co-patronage arrangements are in existence, relevant associations through which the voice of Catholic parents /guardians is expressed and those professional bodies representing teachers.
  3. Consolidate the work of associate Patrons and Trustees while preserving and enhancing the richness of the Catholic educational tradition which they represent.
  4. Contribute to the articulation by our associate Patrons and Trustees of their mission, values and characteristic spirit of the schools under their stewardship.

As an association of Patrons and Trustees we are diverse in terms of individual histories and founding intentions but we are united in the belief that the education of the whole person must include deep questions about the purpose and meaning of life and that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus guide the answers we offer.

We support freedom of educational choice where the state provides funding for education while parents can choose those schools that reflect their wishes and hopes for their children.