APTCS Associates’ AGM

May 12, 2022


First and foremost: is founded on, and derives its direction from the person of Christ – his praxis and vision of life

Draws its energy: from the religious and ethical orientation of the gospel – its passion for right relationship with God, neighbour and the environment

Attempts: “to generate a community climate in the school that is permeated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity” (GE)

Acts as “the leaven of the human community” (GE)


Three over-arching characteristics of Catholic schools from church teaching:

  • Evangelisation: The act of proclaiming the gospel by word and example
  • Commitment to the common good
  • The integration of faith, life and culture / dialogue

Presentation by Dr Deirdre Farrell:

“Catholic Ethos: Is Now and Ever Shall Be?”        Read More