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Association of Patrons and
Trustees of Catholic Schools

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So often in life we ought to slow down and not try to fix

Everything at once! To travel in patience means these things:

  • It’s giving up hope that we can solve everything.
  • It’s making an effort, but understanding that one person

Cannot do everything, and it’s putting the myth of efficiency into perspective.

Who We are

The Association of Patrons and Trustees of Catholic Schools (APTCS) is established for the advancement of education in accordance with the Catholic Ethos, through promoting best operational practice in the exercise of Trusteeship and Patronage of schools.

Under the Education Act (1998) the Patron determines the characteristic spirit of the school. APTCS provides support to Patrons and Trustees in schools concerning governance and compliance, policies, property, Trustees’ obligations, Patrons’ duties, ethos and financial matters. Among the Patrons’ responsibilities is the appointment of the Board of Management.


Our Vision

As Patrons and Trustees we are diverse in terms of individual histories and founding intentions but we are united in the belief that the education of the whole person must include deep questions about the purpose and meaning of life and that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus guide the answers we offer.

We support freedom of educational choice where the state provides funding for education while parents can choose those faith schools that reflect their wishes and hopes for their children.


News from Edmund Rice Schools

News from Edmund Rice Schools

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Warmest greetings from the Edmund Rice Schools Trust. It is a pleasure to share the latest edition of Síol, the Autumn E-Síol, with you. You will find it at this link: (please click on the picture).

CEO, Alan Hynes
[email protected]
Chairperson, Marie Griffin

General Secretary, John Curtis
President, Deirdre Mathews

CEO, Eilis Humphreys
[email protected]
Chairperson, Paul Meany